Antonio Zazueta Olmos is a  photojournalist who has
  workedinternationally covering issues concerning human
  rights, the environment and conflict. Antonio is also a dedicated
  editorial & portrait photographer whose images have appeared
  in all the UK broadsheet weekend magazines including the
  Observer Magazine. He has worked extensively in the Americas,
  The Middle East and Africa for newspapers and magazines
  around the world, as well as leading NGOs.

  Antonio was born in Mexicali, Mexico and has been a
  photojournalist since 1988. He began his career at the
  Miami Herald where he was a staff photographer for 3 years.
He moved to Mexico City in 1991 to become a freelance photographer covering news stories in
Central America and the Caribbean for the Black Star Photo Agency. Since 1994 Antonio has been based in
London and is represented by the Eyevine Photo Agency. In 2001 he was awarded First Place in the World
Press for the People in The News category for his  work in the Palestinian occupied territories.